Cremated remains

Specially designated areas are available for the scattering of cremated remains. Members of staff can scatter the ashes for you or you are able to scatter them yourself, accompanied by our staff.

Please be aware that you must have the permission of the council to scatter ashes within the crematorium grounds as we must record the day, time and place of the scatterings.

The ashes of those who have been cremated at Wealden Crematorium can be scattered at the crematorium free of charge. For Wealden residents cremated in the following crematoriums, scattering here is also free of charge: Eastbourne Crematorium, Hastings Crematorium, Kent & Sussex Crematorium (Tunbridge Wells), Surrey & Sussex Crematorium, Woodvale Crematorium or Downs Crematorium.

For all other non-residents of Wealden who have been cremated elsewhere, the strewing of their ashes is welcomed at a charge of £52.

If you would like ashes to be scattered in the crematorium grounds please contact our team on 01323 443400 or to discuss your options. You will also need to complete the following form:

More information about cremation and cremated remains can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page